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The childhood and teens of the founder Hedieh Anvari are the inspiration for Ooh Any Day Now. Growing up around both Eastern and Western culture, Hedieh was influenced by different and sometimes contrasting views on the vast subject of life and one potent and  personality shaping  event; the recurring monthly menstruation.

At the age of eleven, Hedieh was taught to proudly welcome her first period.

The forthcoming periods throughout her teens had two fairly different influences: the approach of her Iranian parents and the Swedish modus operandi that she found among her friends, school and the sports teachers.

At home, she was brought up to be accommodating to the monthly cycle by slightly modifying her diet and daily routines around and during her period. Hedieh Anvari was encouraged by her parents to make those days lovingly comfortable for herself and to be caring towards her body. It is this notion that the founder has made at the heart  of Ooh Any Day Now. At school and with Swedish friends, the period was hardly a valid reason to diminish one's active schedule. This positive and resilient attitude is also cherished on Ooh Any Day Now.


Ooh Any Day Now is founded by Hedieh Anvari, with more than a decade of working in fashion advertising and visual communication for international luxury & lifestyle brands and agencies. The founder and creative director  is keen to apply a modern-forward aesthetic to the intimate but yet universal  topic; the monthly cycle.

Brought up in Stockholm, of Iranian heritage and a graduate of University of the Arts London, Hedieh Anvari has worked both in London and Paris as a multidisciplinary fashion & beauty Art Director. She continuous to work with European fashion brands as creative consultant. 


Being truly fascinated by the machinery of the monthly cycle, the core objective is to celebrate and highlight its brilliance, with pride and strength.

Simply to redefine this monthly ‘Happening’ with fresh outlook, by recognising that the pain synonymous with parts of the monthly menstrual cycle is a direct reminder of female strength and resilience.

Another tangible objective is to be more in sync with our body's natural biology and rhythm. To create, and continuously recreate a more harmonious and welcoming relationship to menstruation.

With mastery and small triumphant ‘tactics’  approach the powerful 'merry-go-round' with simple everyday effortless pleasures and little treats.

The aim is to ultimately  befriend  the fairly common changes in mood, taste  and body that the monthly cycle and menstruation might bring to some girls and women.

Similar to the young adult experience of the Ooh Any Day Now founder, the encouraging message is to approach the cycle and the period with a lucky mix of care and authority.