Design thinking embedded in irreverent imagination. Crystallised by artistic direction. Powered by conceptual ideation – a creative practice by Hedieh Anvari; an admirer of the amorphous & its possibilities.

Years In the Making

The contrasting geographical and cultural perspectives is the key formula to the visual and writing practice of Ooh Any Day Now.

At the age of eleven, the founder, Hedieh Anvari was encouraged to proudly welcome her first period. As a teen at home, she was asked by her Iranian parents to modify her daily routines and prioritise comfort and rest. Being attentive to the body's rhythm was regarded to be a long term investment in oneself.

At school and with Swedish friends, the period was hardly a valid reason to diminish one's active schedule. The Swedish resilience and the accommodating Iranian attitude to this cyclical happening set the foundation for the art practice of Ooh Any Day Now that primary re-represents and re-present this universal experience.

Ways of Working

Through a conceptual lens and design thinking, the diverse aspects of the menstrual cycle and its inner workings are examined and narrated. Irreverence meets design principles which meets artistic expression.

Often, communication takes the back seat in favour of the visceral.

A light-hearted creative eye is preferred as a soothing mechanism in the age of strong convictions and cemented opinions. Doubt informs the process. The narration to date touches on the psychic and physical qualities of menstrual cycle. The outcomes are materialised as lens based media, typography design, prose, drawings and sometimes paintings. A wide range of creative practitioners have been invited to respond to the theme through their individual perspective of menstrual cycle. Collaborations fuel the Ooh Any Day Now practice.

About the Artist

Ooh Any Day Now was created in late 2015 by Hedieh Anvari, after fourteen years of working with visual communication and campaign creation for international luxury fashion & beauty brands and creative agencies.

Parallel to the Ooh Any Day Now practice, Hedieh dedicates her time to education as a lecturer at University of the Arts London.

Eclecticism and creative variety remain to be the driving force for Hedieh.

A Hello

Commissions, project proposals, collaborations, lectures, exhibitions and greetings are warmly welcome!