Design thinking embedded in irreverent imagination. Crystallised by artistic direction. Powered by conceptual ideation – a creative practice by Hedieh Anvari; an admirer of the amorphous & its possibilities.

                                   A malleable approacht to creative direction, to encourage participation of a wide selection

      of creative practitioners. The priority is to bring artistic endevour and attention on the universal machinery of

menstrual cycle – allow design and creative examination help to elevate the narrative. At times, a brief is written

to cater for new collaborative partnerships.  

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Studio Cravings – GARMENT CRAVING

What is it that makes you, time after time returning to the same garment, among all the other carefully designed and crafted pieces bought with hard earned money?

Peculiarly, every month, on the first days of my period – the Follicular Phase, I find myself opting for white garments. Perhaps not so clever but I can't really help myself as it's soothing on some level, as I feel slightlly heated with a body temprature higher than rest of the month!

   Jil Sander


The beginning of the menstrual cycle, like the start of the spring season >> time for more crispy White and a touch of recently-picked-herb green. A green specific to newly blossom baby leaves. A true spring greenery.

Green Satin Squared Pointy Heels by Sally LaPointe

White Tulle Trousers by Givenchy

White Adidas Tracks Pants by Gosha Rubchinskiy

Green Satin Squared Pointy Heels by Alyx

High-rise wide-leg jeans by MM6 Maison Margiela

colour of

recently picked herbs

   Maison Martin Margiel

vanilla WHITES

Stella McCartney faux leather ankle boots or Laurence Dacade Plume patent-leather ankle boots with Burberry Dawson cashmere turtleneck sweater with Christopher Esber white skirt.

Drawn to bright white - perhaps for the sense of peace and calm it offers.

Resin Button Skirt by Christopher Esber

colour of PEACE

white helping alleviate emotional upsets and low/high moods.

Mens look Jil Sander

Ribbed Tank Gown by Alexander Wang

Ribbed Tank Gown by Alexander Wang

Two-tone leather boots by Proenza Schouler

Frayed Woven Trench Coat by Elizabeth & James Dakotah

Mens look Jil Sander


creamiest WHITES

Drawn to bright white - perhaps for the sense of peace and calm it offers.

white t-shirt and cream trouser suit by MCQ

cotton top with lacing detail Jonathan Anderson

Molotov Ruffle Sleeve Dress by Ellery Land

Layered dress by Derekl Lam

an indication of end of an old cycle and arrival of a new.

White – colour of TRANSITION

white helping alleviate emotional upsets.

Top to toe white Material Tbilis