Design thinking embedded in irreverent imagination. Crystallised by artistic direction. Powered by conceptual ideation – a creative practice by Hedieh Anvari; an admirer of the amorphous & its possibilities.

       A malleable approach to creative direction and production, with a desire for a discursive space

with the view to encourage participation of a wide selection of ‘creative’ practitioners.

The priority is to bring artistic endevour and give prominance to the universal machinery of menstrual cycle,

    by allowing for creative examination, creative exploration and design methods to elevate the narrative.

At times, a brief is written to cater specifically for new collaborative partnerships.

                                                  It Is What It Is                  The Garden of Her Delights – The Charged Days          

     Lacuna – The Charged Days                Londonite Rive Gauchers                   The Caring Self – Private Moments          

  Citizens of Ooh Any Day Now                     The Girl with Big Appetite                   Hard & Soft Power                 

             Rose A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose    

                                         Menstrual Cycle Poster Design Series I                    Phasal Numeral Design THREE

 Phasal Numeral Design ONE & TWO                   Rive Gauche, Rive Droite                  Garment Craving

 Mittelschmerz                      Menstrual Cycles Planner                 Four Portraitures